Tuesday, February 7, 2012

tie one on...

Joe Fresh plaid flannel shirt, Navy J Crew cardigan, thrifted bow tie, J Crew ochre pencil skirt and rust tights
I like bow ties, nay, love them, but have always felt too conspicuous to wear them much.  Somewhere between Bozo the Clown and stylish urban hitman Brother Mouzone, I usually try and camouflage it into the pattern and palette of my shirt, which in itself is fun.  You're talking to someone, and all of a sudden you see them do a little double take!  Excuse the cat fur in the detail shot- me 'n the boy were snugglin' when I got home from work!  I tried to take a photo of him in the bow tie but he wasn't havin' none of that!
Bozo the Clown
Brother Mouzone ("The Wire")
 Ghibli the Cat
Update: if you let your cat wear a bow tie all evening, eventually you will capture him looking charming...
 Ahem. Sorry about that- however if you are hankering after cute pictures of a cat who seems to enjoy looking stylish, check out this adorable Etsy shop, Catatelier!

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