Sunday, February 26, 2012

feb faves!

Hoo boy.  February has been so busy I barely noted its passing- and yet somehow found the time to squeeze in some of my very favorite combos, while adding a few new ones!  This is a tale of several love stories apparently, as so many frocks and non-frocks found places in my heart since last year.  I fell hard for the Layered Column dress the minute I saw it in an Anthropologie catalogue last summer.  I love the clean lines and clever layered stripes and the delicate combination of cream lines on black. While many colour and shape variations have since been released, this is the one I adore and had to have (this exact colour with sleeves would have been awesome though...)   As others have said, this is a magic dress that somehow makes your self-consciousness about body shape disappear, though I much prefer it with some comforting layers!  Gotta love a good blazer.

Anthropologie Layered Column dress and Welkin scarf, J Crew Schoolboy blazer, Indigo booties
It's funny how you can wear something a million times and then suddenly a new combination (with something you have had for another million years) just activates the piece again and makes it new!  I felt that this week- I always liked this über-polyester check print dress, with the thick bow at the collar and little tab pockets topped with brass buttons. But when I couldn't find my usual pairing and alighted on this cardigan with similar tiny checks well...LOVE!  I thought it was a great example of 'simple print mixing' until the manfriend informed that I am both cute and insane, and that while a great combo, in no way could this ever be considered 'subtle'!  ahem.

J Crew navy printed cardigan, vintage checked dress, Chie Mihara Ramsita oxfords
And, well, my favoritest combo ever is yellow with black and white stripes- it always makes me happy!  Throw in a little touch of floral with the stripes and nothing can stop me.  right.

Thrifted striped top, F21 mustard skirt, winter floral scarf, Indigo booties
Ah, and y'all know how this gal feels about green and checks!  I found this silk scarf just before  christmas- the print is a similar hand-painted green plaid so it just tickles the brain to wear 'em together.  I guess a long grey February wasn't so bad after all!

Anthropologie Painted Plaid dress, J Crew cardigan, thrifted silk scarf, Chie Mihara Ramsita oxfords

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