Monday, October 22, 2012


I guess I may have wasted some prime autumn colours in September- it took me awhile to get in the groove while the rains fell and my wardrobe seemed dim and grey.  Now that all the reds have fallen off the trees it feels like it's my turn to add to the hues of the season.  This morning, I grabbed a woody-print button-back fifties blouse I found at the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam (picture-filled post to come!) and somehow ended up sauntering out the door in bright raspberry tights and orange pencil skirt.  I even turned down the saturation on these images but there was just too much colour to manage!

 thrifted blouse and pencil skirt, Abercrombie maroon cardigan, Hue tights, Indigo boots
I'm glad I've got my colour groove back.  If only I could keep posting shots with such glorious outdoor lighting year round! But I also have a lot to catch you up with- a couple of days roaming the canals of Amsterdam, and then...a couple of visits to my very own much anticipated Anthropologie store!

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