Monday, October 15, 2012

moody frankfurter!

I've been away on a marathon trip to Frankfurt for work.   My time outside of massively enormous exhibition halls has only been about an hour and a half per day, ergo just enough time to forage for food in the dark of night and then collapse into a deep sleep! Though the city is very business-focused, the riverbank is a lovely treat and I find myself drawn there after a long day. The splash of the dark waters is refreshing and calming.

Now, my packing for this trip was a total fail.  I knew it would make more sense to just take four knit dresses, but I was determined to play with the idea of separates to maximize the potential for each piece.  bah.  The first day, a skirt that was an essential piece all summer turned out not to play well with tights and a slip, if you know what I mean.  The second day, my other skirt just felt frumpy and ill-fitting with tights (argh...another summer piece I thought would work).  But ah...on the third day I wore one of my favorite vintage poly print dresses and I was me again.  Even started the day with a compliment on both dress and shoes by a stranger!

I didn't realize at first that I captured the dark and moody poster for an exhibition in this shot.  I went to see the show just before leaving Frankfurt and it was indeed lovely in it's history of dark romantic painting.  Also, check out the surreal disappearing man walking by behind me!

Even though Frankfurt is a big-time business town and a site of constant construction, there were a number of picturesque modern ruins near the waterfront. I guess they don't love 60's brutalist concrete anymore...

And I also found a lovely array of greens in this subway station.

Now I have escaped to a delightful B&B in Amsterdam for a couple of days before heading home.  My reward for making it through the week in  hostel (albeit one with bright green walls and fluffy white bedding).  Did you know Amsterdam is, like, a vintage mecca?  I may never leave...

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