Sunday, October 7, 2012

minty marni, minty me...

Mint has definitely been a great accent colour for the past few seasons.  Below is one of my favourite combinations of the summer- I always love the cheery colour of the skirt, and the mint tee with bright green necklace just felt simple and stylish.  This look will be a goodbye for now, since I rarely wear this skirt once it gets cold (too many warmer options), but I'm certainly not saying goodbye to the mint!

Anthropologie Field Scout skirt and Pennant necklace, dreamy cottage location
In fact, another outfit that I thought was surely just for summer now seems like I could easily push it into the wintry months.  After all, silk over cuddly tights is a lovely feeling, and mint has such a rapport with icy things!  This Marni (for H&M) dress has proven to be the any-day uniform I hoped it would be!

From July: 

To September!

Marni for H&M silk dress, J Crew mint cardigan, F21 bronze belt, vintage jade necklace, Chie Mihara Absinthe heels

And while strolling through the recent image archives, I also came across this unposted and yet much-enjoyed  combination.  I adore a good old polyester print dress.  Yes, I die for the silk dresses, but I cannot express how much everyday fun one can have with a good old vintage tank of a dress- unrippable, unfrayable, and unwrinkleable!  They are easily altered to fit, come in such a range of incredible prints, and still relatively easy to find in thrift stores!

That 70s me: J Crew mint cardigan, vintage polyester print dress, vintage lens flare

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