Thursday, April 18, 2013

dishevelled dots 'n drifts...

I can't believe I want to equate the lace blooms in this collar with snowflakes, but they seem so poetically so.  Yeah, I just got through a long snowy winter, but I can feel the burgeoning spring warmth in the softness of the earth (er, they call it mud, Sarah?) and the way breezes now caress rather than cut.  Similarly, I think it's pretty the way the dots and white shapes on black and brown so sweetly match the unsightly mess of a snow mound behind me!

So I was pretty disheveled and crabby all day as various workworld annoyances messed with my barely-laid plans.  But through it all I still felt okay because I felt like I had an awesome combo of an outfit.  Take that, world!  (After Tuesday's debacle, in which I ended up having to leave the house in orange tights and a bright green top and just couldn't quite pull it together...oh, and then unexpectedly had to work in public under rather spotlight-y lights...comments were made, shall we say? It wasn't absolutely horrid, but I didn't stop to take any photos at the end of my 10 hour day, that's for sure!)

thrifted brown dotted cardigan and rust pencil skirt, Anthropologie Open Bloom blouse
I succumbed to this blouse finally when I went in to use my birthday discount at Anthro last month and they had somehow restocked and had just one left in my size.  Alright fate, I said, and I don't regret it! The slightly swingy hemline makes it a nice candidate for peplum-like belting too apparently.  I also picked up the pink Fontes blouse (silk scarf print?  yes!) and a yellow cardigan with pretty gold trim (emanations cardigan?) Oh yeah, and then everything on my wishlist ever went on sale and I kinda got many of those too, just not with the technical 'birthday discount'. sigh. 

vintage lace blouse, Anthropologie geotile knit pencil skirt this knit op-print knit pencil skirt- these are usually too clingy for me, but I quite like this piece.  So comfortable and  long and warm for winter, and a great contrast layer in spring and fall as well.  Especially with some added texture in the form of black lace- I can't seem to get enough of that...  What are your spring shopping weaknesses- is it the hopeful purchasing of potential spring and summer lovelies, or stocking up on all the winter wonders once they hit sale?  Ahem, or both...

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