Saturday, April 27, 2013

magic hour!

Yes, sunshine and graffiti once again!  Sure it's still a little chilly out, but oh how I love some golden evening sun!  There's a reason filmmakers call it 'magic hour' since the light is so rich and volumetric. There's an area behind my building that is sort of half landscaped for strolling and dog-walking and half-neglected for the pleasure of local spray-can toting youths.  I don't mind the colour and vibrancy it offers to forgotten spaces- I just wish they would stop tagging every available surface!

Anthropologie Lousa shift and Congeries necklace, Indigo lace-up heels
After desiring it for months, I'm pretty happy to have caught the Lousa shift on sale- it's a perfect shade of green and an amazing fabric with a beautifully textured weave.

I also just added this Congeries necklace to my arsenal (thanks Lisa!)- I love the texture and soft sage green of the knots, and the sheen of the coral-toned beads.  In fact, I ended up pretty much obsessed with the colour coral this week...

Blogger's been blocking me from posting images this week, but I seem to have overcome the issue- be prepared for a ton of bright corals, a bit more sunshine and even some bravely bare legs!

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