Thursday, April 4, 2013

tiny flowers!

Like the hardy crocus that emerges from the cold earth before the snows have fully receded, I'm trying to inspire the arrival of spring with some little flowers of my own.  I'd rather turn tail and slink back into my warm cave for another few months.  But one must go out to work, and one must buy groceries with the proceeds from said work.  And since this little bear hates taking photos in her hallway, I dropped my icelandic sweater and bags on the ground and went for the classic "blogger in the cold" shot! So worth it!  The air may be arctic, but the colours are REAL! 

Vintage floral dress, J Crew blazer, Boutique 9 oxfords
I have to admit that this is the first time I've worn this pretty vintage dress in the years since I bought it online.  I was so disappointed to find that it had been clumsily shortened at some point, and even though I was able to let the hem down a bit more it still feels a little 'Urban Outfitters-y' and diminished from it's original period charm. Plus I had to wash it a million times to get the horrible perfume smell out of it.  Yuck. I think I love it now.  I promise to cherish this pretty print.

Of course, I already tried my 'strategic floral defense' last week, but sadly the temperatures dropped vertiginously shortly thereafter.  Oh well.  I love this blazer anyway! It will be a perfect layer through the spring and summer (oh, those air-conditioned buildings...)

J Crew Liberty floral blazer, Anthropologie Swiss dot dress
Sigh.  I love winter, I really do.  It's cuddly and bracing and pretty.  But it's spring now, and these below-zero temps are just...wrong! 

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