Thursday, May 23, 2013

alien dandelions and stitched eclipses...

vintage polyester floral skirt, Anthropologie Stitched Eclipse buttondown and Moss Bauble necklace, Chie Mihara Genio oxfords
Every dog has its day, and man, has this skirt ever been waiting a long time... I bought it at a local vintage shop about 10-12 years ago and it has made it through millions of wardrobe culls despite never being worn. It is this print that convinced me I could love black and blue together (and then I also just discovered today how wonderfully it works with chartreuse!)  Well, last year I finally took in the too-loose waistband a little and then helpfully gained a few pounds, and this thing has finally become a constant companion.  So good with chambray, and textured blacks, and chartreuse blouses and it!

Gee, I wish I had a bigger closet so all those ladies-in-waiting might have a better chance at being noticed by this queen of hoarders :)

Any beloved things lurking in your closet that you never ever wear but hope to fit it in someday? (Fit in it someday...? I have a few of those too...)

And of the beloved things lurking in my closet, some of them are quite new of course, such as this delightful 'alien dandelion' necklace and black embroidered top.  Constant companions.

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