Friday, May 17, 2013


Oh boy.  That was an unintentional blog break!  Summer hit the city for a glorious week or so, work has kicked my butt utterly and completely... But, you know, I invested some time in the big winter-to-summer closet switcheroo and I'm thrilled to reunite with some long-lost floral friends.  Though the manfriend was somewhat horrified by the tower of frothy dresses and skirts that formed on the bedroom floor.  He looked through them, pointedly counting off the unfortunately countable number of days before Fall returns.  sigh.

And we can certainly have fun with it while it lasts!  I've been absolutely obsessed with all shades of coral (yeah, I know, it used to be 'orange', but now I'm just perceiving it as coral, see?) Starting with the gorgeous medallion print of this light blouse...

Anthropologie Daytripper buttondown, F21 skirt, Camper shoes

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