Friday, May 24, 2013


vintage green floral maxi skirt, ON striped tank, J Crew factory chambray shirt, darn Aldo sandals that DON'T give me blisters but the soles feel like slappy torture after any kind of long walk...
Making up for lost time, I suppose? For some reason, though I've been dutifully cataloguing successes and failures on the dressing-myself front, I just haven't been posting the darn things much.  Possibly because I usually end up failing at getting successful images of successes?  For instance, yesterday it started raining the minute I went out back to take a couple of shots, and so most were blurry or weird as we rushed through (yes, I even enlisted my man to hold the camera, thus getting weird over-my-head shots!).  Ah well- better to post 'em all and find some goodies in there from time to time, right? The above photo documents a beautiful weekend walk in the warm summer-like sunshine

It has been woefully rainy and chill the past week- I'm in mourning for the insta-summer that we had last week, when I got to pull out all my old warm weather dress friends from storage and swirl around outside in some floaty maxis.  Why is it that we like to cover MORE skin the hotter it gets?  I dunno, but it sure feels nice around the ankles!

Now that I've embraced the maxi trend (must it be on its way out then...?), here are a couple of finds from the Anthropologie sale room that I think will see me through the hot summer!

Daleka Day Dress- 100% silk and 110% pretty (and $49.95)!  I don't usually go for this colour combination, but pinks have me in their grasp this season (and I love redheads!). I've decided the best maxi length for me is just ever so slightly above the ankles (maybe I just feel like I look taller, like my clothes have shrunk, but so be it!)

Scoopback Maxi dress.  This was all of $19.95, down from $148, and I adore brown dresses!  (oops, and there we go again with another inspirational redhead!)

Oh, and yet another...I couldn't resist this Urban Outfitters soft cotton floral at $15! 

Now if only I could find the perfect wedge sandals that could make me tall and willowy and never give me blisters...

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