Wednesday, June 12, 2013

day for night...

Anthropologie scoop-back maxi dress, necklace by me
You know what the other beautiful thing about maxi dresses is?  Full-body coverage, man!  While we experienced a lovely warm and sunny month of May, June has been a cold and rainy slog thus far.  I was even reduced to wearing pants the other day (minnies and a chambray shirt with ankle boots- I guess it wasn't sooooo bad...) However a nice maxi dress offers the pretence of summer fashion with the cozy option of curling up in a chair with a wearable blanket.  Nice. Take that Slanket!

And I totally forgot that one should include photos when one is showing off a dress aptly named for its scoop-back, and so voila, I am adding a detail shot.  

'Day for night' is a classic movie-making technique for shooting night scenes.  They're shot during the daytime, but use filters and different film speeds to alter the contrast and appearance. It leads to an unreal and alluring atmosphere of bright light and shadow.  Somehow in setting my automatic timer, I confused the camera's light meter into recording this incredibly contrasty and detailed image.  A cool and sadly never-to-be replicated mistake!

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