Saturday, June 22, 2013

on sunshine and magic dresses!

Oh my.  You know how much I love dresses. I sorta fancy myself a bit of a connoisseur of the form (really just a fancy term for addict?)  Well, I think I may just have met one of the most beautiful of its kind- and perhaps I need never look at another (not likely...) 

This Saturday has been a nice dark and rainy day to stay indoors, alternately catching up on some sewing and being sat on by a large and adoring cat.  Dreamy.  Last Saturday on the other hand was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding- bright and sunny, and just the right kind of breezy by the water.  I don't get to go to a lot of weddings, so I get kinda excited at the prospect.  It's wonderful to see people you know from more casual contexts get choked up and romantical in a public celebration of love.  And it's also nice to get dressed up just a little bit more than usual!

These rare weddings are always a bit of a puzzle, since I pretty much dress up everyday anyway.  It means trying to dress out of the box a little- for the last wedding, that meant  a little black dress.  This year, I've been obsessed with maxi dresses and thought there could be nothing better than flowing across the dance floor in something silk and 30s-y. I loved the Bruna dress at Anthropologie from the start- navy and coral silk, with a semi-tropical print of birds and leaves.  It was way out of my budget, but magically went on sale one night in May just as I was scrolling through my wishlist.  (Okay, maybe not so magical- I'm often on the Anthropologie website late at night...sweet dreams?) 

And like all magical things, it fit perfectly right out of the box, turning my curvy short form into something willowy and tall (thank-you wedges).  Magic. Oh, and for the love- it's a silk dress with a silk lining. Hallelujah.

Anthropologie Bruna dress, J Crew coral bits necklace, thrifted cardigan
(she performed beautifully on the dance floor and during cocktail hour on the lawn, though I dropped a piece of asparagus on the skirt at dinner and when I left the dress with the dry cleaner I felt like I was leaving my child with strangers...I hope she comes back okay!)

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