Thursday, June 6, 2013

simple summer...

Anthropologie Laceveiled pullover and catalogue-shot desire
Ah, summer.  Soft white blouses and elegantly tousled hair- such is my goal (er...pinspiration!) Actually, I'm fairly certain this is a look I also aspired to twenty years ago, but fortunately it's more timeless, not trendy! Through the winter, dressing is all about finding the right mix of colours in layers of clothing, tights,  and accessories. But summer is simplicity itself. 

I can't help wistfully appreciating the effortless chic that others seem able to channel.  Something in the drape and shape of a simple top and skirt (spoken by a gal who 'may' be addicted to accessorizing-  at a weekend family event I wore both chunky necklace AND voluminous silk scarf!)   But I think I have actually managed something here! (or it may have just been a good hair day...)
try and ignore the faces staring back at you over my shoulder...
vintage lace blouse, Anthropologie fine-wale skirt, Locale wedges

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