Wednesday, September 11, 2013

catching up...tasty colours edition

whew- the last couple of weeks have been uh, well, I have no excuse.  Anyway, Fall weather has hit early, which means boring jeans and blazers until I get used to the notion of tights again.  not. ready. yet.

However it has been nice to embrace delicious and sometimes food-themed fall colours in that liminal zone between 'end of summer vacation' and 'back-to-school-even-if-you're-not-back-to-school'...

voila rust and chartreuse:

Madewell silk safari dress, J Crew cashmere cardigan
chartreuse and eggplant:

Anthropologie Greta blouse, vintage poly skirt, Indigo heels

brown and mustard:

vintage blouse, Anthopologie mid-century modern skirt, overgrown shrubs (am I even wearing shoes?)
 rust and coral:

Anthropologie Charlotte Taylor hummingbird blouse, J Crew Minnies, something cardigan

 ah, and my eternal favourite...olive and coral:

Anthropologie d'Armee dress, DKNY silk scarf, Steve Madden cut-out flats
Love how the best colours just make me think of food. yum. hmmm...apparently I already had a category on food colours.  Must look into that...

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