Monday, September 2, 2013


Alas, I am not yet together enough to  harness critical consciousness and conceive of a summer wrap-up post.  I mean, I hardly posted at all, yet I did document outfits. Really truly! I guess I hoped that things would naturally flow together into sets eventually. You know, because in real life if you wait long enough everything starts to make sense, right?!

The last couple of weeks of August is an odd in-between time, where you try and wear things that are as overtly summery as possible, since past labour day (today) they will just feel wrong.  Despite the fact that there remains at least another month of potentially sunny summery days!  I don't own any white shoes, but with that, I do bring you seersucker- an intensely summery fabric that I can't conceive of wearing any other time of year. 
thrifted seersucker dress, Anthropologie Corallina ladder necklace
I finally wore this white seersucker dress picked up at Value Village earlier in the summer- a total out-of-the-norm 'colour' for me, yet desirably wearable due to a rather accidental tan.  It's a pretty nice frame for this awesome necklace too!

Anthropologie Poppy stripe dress
And then, the other requirement of late summer dressing is the need to get in a wear or two from those delightful late summer sale acquisitions.  I fell in love/obsession with this seersucker-y striped dress at Anthropologie in the spring but waited for it to go one sale.  It's so comfortable I've worn it constantly ever since! Um, it's actually now in danger of being house-dress-ified,  where it starts to feel akin to leaving the house in pyjamas.  It's also pretty low-cut, so I  added a little lace crochet to make this work appropriate...

At this rate, my summer catch-up posts may last far into the Autumn.  So be it!

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