Sunday, September 29, 2013

still here...was there!

So I sorta have an excuse for not posting anything last week, since I was in New York.  The big time.  And the only internet access I was able to accomplish was the occasional blast of incoming updates in the park and some targeted searching using anthro store wifi...I wandered much in the sweet late September sunshine, caught some great art shows, saw Kevin Bacon on set in Soho (now we can play six degrees of separation, y'all!), did a little (lots of) shopping and eating (plus oh yeah, some reason for the trip)... :)

Been there so many times,but can't help taking pictures of the same gorgeous landmarks!

I only had my phone-as-camera, which meant the occasional awkward selfie and mirror shots in dressing rooms to document my brilliant carry-on only packing strategies. 6 distinct outfits for 5 days.  I am a master. 

Anthropologie scoop-back maxi, vintage plaid dress, Anthropologie Beckett button-down

And of course the obligatory shadow silhouettes and foot portraits for those of you familiar with my instagram ways.  I am an artist, yes.

I did get to spend a glorious sunset moment at the High Line, munching a desperate pretzel before meeting a friend for a late dinner.


I thought I was cleverly disguising my selfies as photographs of the grassy landscape in front of me, until a woman said 'you look very nice' as she passed.  Caught in the act! D'oh!

Another highlight for me was sneaking away from the awesome Art Book Fair at PS.1 ("work") to catch a bit of the James Turrell show at the Guggenheim.  It was actually my first trip to the Gugg since it always seems to be closed when I'm passing through.  The architecture is very well suited to these kinds of installations, using the space of the building rather than filling the halls with static framed pictures. The experience was sublime but for the meandering empty hallway syndrome it created between installations!

Check out the amazing light show using the distinctive spiral...

 'twas cool (and of course you are forbidden to take photos, but in this iphone world that's a little impossible). And then I had the opportunity to  have dinner with the gorgeously glamorous and divinely delightful Usha of Tripping the Light Fantastic.  We had dinner, and talked forever, and ambled around the west village, enjoying a spectacular ice cream experience (salty pimp, anyone?) and then met up again for brunch on my last morning.

She took my picture when I discovered my name carved into the sidewalk.  I hope to repeat the favour sometime. (yes, Usha, I will write your name in all wet cement  from now on...just in case)

Alexandra Grecco Olivia silk dress (trompe l'oeil macrame!)

And the brunch girls, staring through the bars of Gramercy park at the lucky few within...

I of course visited the mothership(s) and tried on some lovelies, but didn't bring a whole lot home with me! But that is for another day...

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