Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Epic Anthropologie Reviews! Part 2: What I brought home!

J Crew snap stripe tee, Foundational pencil skirt, rust knee socks, Camper boots
I didn't expect to love this skirt so much- I already had the vibrant flame pencil skirt from J Crew coming to me, so a vibrant pink pencil skirt seemed like overkill.  But then the colour is just that pretty, and the soft textured fabric made it irresistible.  The fact that it had long sold out online meant that I had to decide on the spot.   I've already worn it twice since, so I can't regret it at all!  This is a size 2- it is loose at the waist, but the longer length makes all the stairs at work difficult as is, and the simple construction means I can easily take it in a bit at the sides. 
Dots Within blouse
How's that for a happy face?  I didn't go for the similar 'Precious Particulars' blouse in the spring since I already had a tie-neck green blouse.  Well, by the time I decided I needed another green silk blouse, this one had been released.  The new pattern is even lovelier, and I can't wait to wear this with some snuggly cardigans this winter, and an array of pencil skirts.
Take Action dress
A surprise love for me was the Take Action dress.  I barely looked at the green star and teal polka-dot versions when they came out last year, but the grey chain pattern on yellow silk sparked my interest.  I felt that the cut wouldn't work on me, and figured there was such a shark-like frenzy when it went on sale that this was just not going to happen.  Well, I found this lone size 0 before my shopping appointment and put it aside.  I had a sad whirligig dress to exchange from the summer (so large in the bodice I could have used it to swaddle a baby...) so this was an easy 1:1 exchange.
Maeve Painted Plaid dress
While my all-time favourite colour is green, my all-time favourite pattern is hand-drawn grids and plaids.  Um, so when you give me the choice of the two in one dress, well, it's not really an option then- it's a must.  I love every aspect of this dress- the painted print, the splashes of yellow, the heavy fabric, the swishy-yet-subtle crinoline.  I was a little afraid the cut of the bodice would be too Oktoberfest, but I think it's safe from that.  The 0 was a 99% percent perfect fit for me.  sigh.  total lovefest. 

So um, the best part about these lovelies is that I received an additional 20% off on the Take Action since there was a small rip in the seam at the neck and the tiny button was missing.  And then I realized later that they accidentally gave me 20% off everything.  Oops!  So now my dilemma is the pink pencil skirt that went on sale today- do I try and call for a price adjustment, or will this highlight the fact that some poor girl accidentally gave me a partial discount already on some very not-damaged items?

I later picked up the aforementioned Fanfare platforms, and then found this lovely We Love Vera silk blouse I had missed out on.  I love Vera!
Pointilist Pond Blouse

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