Sunday, October 30, 2011

ode to pencil skirts...

I'm sure I must have used this post title at some point before, but then I am equally sure I will use it sometime again as well.  'Cause I love pencil skirts.  More to the point, I love J Crew pencil skirts.  

Until last fall, I thought there was no way you'd ever get a hippy girl like me to wear a pencil skirt- they always looked too boxy and bland. In perennial tones of black and charcoal, they embodied the dull professional uniform. Then I took a chance on J Crew's ochre classic, since I bumped into pictures of it everywhere, and so a love affair was born.  They have a magical lengthening effect on the legs and the colours are sublime.  I swear you can thrown anything into the mix for a smashing outfit, in any combination of colours.
Bright Dahlia, Rust, and Brown checks
Vibrant Flame, Burnt Twig and Oxblood
Blush Pink, Ochre and Moss Green  

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