Saturday, October 15, 2011

Epic Anthropologie Reviews! Part 3! The $$$$$ round!

I made sure to grab a bunch of the more 'dear' articles to try on while exploring the Anthropologie stores in NY.  My first and favourite item is the deliriously deluxe and exquisite Tracy Reese Tangerine Flicker dress.

I had heard this ran a little small, due to the delicate and unforgiving fabric, however I have rather weeny shoulders, and even the 0 was quite loose on top. (of course, now I'm not sure if maybe this was a 2?) I thought it was utterly beautiful, and likely worth the price even, given the quality and care in its construction. The fabric is a lovely light swirly chiffon, the bronze embroidery is stunning but not flashy, and there is a nice structured under-slip.  When the man was scrolling through the pictures on my camera, he exclaimed "I'm surprised you didn't bring home that orange dress".  I wish. I am keeping an eagle-eye on this- I would love to pick it up on sale!
I love the idea of Leifsdottir's Skyscraper dress- the soft filmy layers somehow create the appearance of structured deco architecture.  This is beautifully made, but it seems like a lot of Leifsdottir pieces are just not cut for my body type- the bodice was far too large and droopy in the size 2, but it was very tight in the hips.  I am no Chrysler building! 
This is the lovely-in-concept Agnita dress, but definitely not for me.  I like the idea of the mixture of fabrics, and it has a sensible folk-fairy-tale quality to it.  However like everything in this set, it is quite large in the bodice, and more fitted in the skirt portion.  This is a size 2- way too big on top for me, but I wouldn't be able to size down to a 0 in the skirt (maybe the lining was more fitted?  I am a terribly unscientific reviewer!).  Like many dresses these days, I also found the zipper to stick at the waist.  I hate invisible zippers since they're so delicate and prone to breaking where they cross thick seams.
Okay, here's a beautiful Leifsdottir piece that could work on a lot of body types.  I love the silk print of this Ottoman Poppies dress, like a blouse construction over a simple skirt.  The cutaway details at the collarbone are gorgeous, and I found them subtle enough that there was no brastrap reveal. The size 2 fit nicely, and it appears this winner is so popular it is basically sold out online at full price.  I'm not surprised.
Mmmmmm...the Melba dress.  Another Leifsdottir winner.  This beauty would be right at home at an Edwardian tea party and could also make a gorgeous wedding dress!  It's a lovely soft champagne-coloured silk, with layers of opaque and transparent panels.  The size 2 fit me well, though a straight body-type could also likely size down.  I only wish I had the lifestyle for such simple luxurious confections!

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