Friday, October 21, 2011

resuming your regularly scheduled programming...

Autumn!  And just like that, it's suddenly really truly fall- I haven't uncovered my cache of tights yet, so we are scrounging every morning for long socks and repeatedly handwashing the 2 pairs of tights that missed getting packed away.  But the wools and fun colours and the fabulous trench coat are out in full bloom!  I found this long wool skirt at Value Village one hot summer day while dreaming of rich autumn fabrics.  I also have a bit of a thing for those old funky-patterned polyester knit shirts- these trees are a recent addition to the collection, found at Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn  this September!
Camper booties, AA rust socks, thrifted wool skirt, blouse and scarf,  J Crew belt 
I haven't been very active here lately- last week was a marathon of pie baking, followed by several days of concentrated pie eating (spicy pumpkin, classic apple, and strawberry rhubarb).  Uh, and then this week has just been quiet and rainy I guess.  I miss pie.  Anyway, I have some catch-up posts to do, and then it's time to get very seriously into fall fashion before dreary winter sets in!

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