Monday, October 24, 2011

of belts and colourful things in season...

hmmm...I know I've done more than just shop lately (although I must say the strain of bringing in several new items at once has made getting dressed difficult- you just can't debut too much at one time!)  I don't feel like I've been dressing very creatively either- it's like I was anticipating fall clothing, but then it stayed hot for a long time and I just haven't adapted.

However, in a last-ditch effort to make the weekend productive, I dragged my winter dresses out of their storage bins late last night and started packing away summer (I also made guacamole and ran to the grocery store for some nachos before they closed at midnight!) (The guacamole was tasty, but my bedroom is a mess!).  So I have a lovely pile of brightly-coloured pencil skirts folded in my wardrobe again (with some new additions), and the sweaters are next- I love seeing the array of hues together!

I grabbed this friendly old polyester knit dress in the morning (fresh out of the winter stock), and was glad to finally have a good belt that finishes it off- I bought the corset-like Junctions belt from the EA trade board in September after finding it excessively useful with a number of polyvore outfits!  The Fanfare platforms finally got to be worn out too, though the public display factor of the debut may be sort-of moot since I worked alone today!  They are comfortable and easily walkable, despite the high platform.  It's nice to have some shoes that are a bit more...kick-ass...than my usual demure librarian-lady looks.

I found the brooch on a trip to Value Village over the weekend (yes, I can find time to thrift, but not to clean the house...)- I love the brown glass petals and brass trim, and apparently it was manufactured in West Germany so that gives us at least an approximate era!

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