Sunday, November 27, 2011

Colour loves- rust and grey...

I had to go downtown today to find a birthday present for my brother-in-law and realized I am wholly incapable of shopping physical stores now.  Where once I gracefully navigated the throngs, now I am overwhelmed!  My online shopping skills have been so honed and delicately tuned to my own needs that the prospect of bustling malls full of people and piles of clothing and music and multiple-font signage just has me bewildered.  Never mind that shopping for the menfolk is difficult enough...I found myself carrying several random button-ups, unable to decide on patterns and sizes, and indeed whether I should just keep buying and then make returns later...argh!  Almost defeated, I think I came up with the usual present of grey on grey striping (he really likes neutrals- the stripes are rather daring).  At least there's some personality to the gift in a great book of essays on the topic of winter that I can't recommend enough.  I read it all the way home, and now I want it for myself too! The actual lectures are available here.

I really love the combination of grey and rust together, and I also love grey and chartreuse, and chartreuse and rust, so the three together are like...happy-making.  Let the Christmas shopping begin! 
Kersh sweater, UO t-shirt, J Crew Minnies in redwood, Homer ankle boots

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