Saturday, November 5, 2011

recycled ragamuffin...

This week was so wildly busy I swear it only lasted about 2 days- in the underslept gloom of each morning, I guess I didn't feel very creative, because not only did I fail to document anything when I got home, but I wore each and every outfit in some form already last year around this time!  Does it count as recycling if you've never seen it though?! Ha!  Loophole!
Covet knit dress, Camper boots, mishmash of assorted other knits
I somehow never posted this one before, worn last November as well- I love this cozy and soft, laddered and layered knit dress.  It's from a sample sale of Covet pieces, and I love that the back is designed to look like it could be the front, with a little row of buttons.  It is a confused piece, eminently cozy, and fully reflects the needs of a crazed week!

This time I wore it with another transparent knit top in J Crew's Burnt Twig colour, with a matching silk scarf, and these boots (by the way, I love this gossamer wool top and I would give anything for some more!!)
My other recycled looks were this (from last October):

and this, from last December:    
But I promises to do better next week, 'cause I felt bored in these...and what's the point if you feel bored.  I should get to do something fun everyday.  Like wear dresses that look like they're on backwards!

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