Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flannel freak!

Thrifted Tristan wool shirtcoat, Fornarina polka-dot pants, Market boots
I popped out early this morning to go to the post office,certainly not intending to be so colour-coordinated.  I was already wearing the rust hat to cover my bedhead following an even earlier outing for cat food- mostly I was obsessed with wearing this flannel-y wool shirt since I have become fully gaga for flannel in the last 24 hours.

Oh, it all started so innocently, and crept up so quietly I didn't even see it coming.  I guess you could say it started last winter, when Sally Jane Vintage made me fall in love with this flannel Orla Kiely dress:
Of course I never found one. Oh, yes, I half-heartedly picked up some discount beige flannel in the spring, as if to make one myself.  Ha. Cut to a few weeks ago when DaniBP posted a lovely and alluring fuzzy grey outfit set that reminded me just how gorgeous grey is on its own.  And I've tried to block it out, but I think I'm still drooling over this lovely yet impractically expensive cashmere J Crew Collection blouse:
available for $495 at Net-a-Porter!
Now things start to speed up...cut to last weekend when Madewell offered free shipping on any item and I pounced on this glorious green and grey flannel checked shirt (I thought it was mustard, but it's still delectable).  
Madewell checked boiler shirt in golden olive
Cut to yesterday when the boutique near my workplace offered a Covet sample sale and I scored this delicious grey space-age-secretary dress for $40 (about 80% off). 
Covet, Fall 2010 Collection
The flannel shirt arrived yesterday evening too, and I immediately tried it on with a grey pencil skirt and I was in love.  So in love that I want more!!  More, I say! 

What I wouldn't give to find this same shirt in a plain grey flannel.  That's all I ask. I spent the rest of the evening scouring the internet for anything similar.  Nada.  I've tried all the flannel-y places I could thing of- LL Bean, Land's End, J Crew, Gap and Old Navy, both children's and grownup sections...where else should I look?

In passing, the origin of the word obsess is apparently rooted in the Latin for besieged or occupied- I therefore have no agency in this activity.  I am merely the one possessed! 

Origin: 1495–1505; < Latin obsessus, past participle of obsidēre to occupy, frequent, besiege, equivalent toob- ob- + -sid(ēre) combining form of sedēre to sit.  See more here

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