Monday, November 21, 2011

the dress...

So y'all know by  now that I was long thwarted in my desire for the d'Armee dress, featured in Anthropologie's September 2010 catalogue as the perfect understated dress with rocker-chic detailing.  I was instantly sold on it, but trusted my pennies to a hard and unfeeling blonde dame (she-who-shall-not-be-named) who led me on for almost a year before finally refunding my money, by which time the dress was completely and utterly sold out.  Well, a very kind and supremely generous gal (she-who-I-don't-know-if-she-wishes-to-be-named) was sweet enough to send me hers, to my everlasting gratitude and awesome karma stock (aw heck...thanks Shannon, both for the dress and all the styling ideas- there shall be the best kind of come-uppance whenever we decide on a mutual trade)!!

These pictures kinda suck, which is why it's taken so long to post 'em, but below are the many faces of d'Armee happiness!  Starting with the supercilious grin right out of the box!
d'Armee dress, right out of the box, Joe Fresh mustard flats
with tasseled orange floral scarf and tough-chick boots (and Big Bird tights....)
and my favourite layering with a silk blouse underneath...
with J Crew grey Blythe blouse and Indigo Water Row boots
with Joe Fresh blush silk blouse, thrifted belt, rust tights and Water Row boots
It may be just a dress, but it's such a pretty and uncomplicated and ungirly alternative to some of my more fussy get-ups.  Love.

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