Wednesday, November 14, 2012

how to wear bright green tights...a cautionary tale!

Marni for H&M chevron dress and floral necklace, thrifted striped knit blazer, Joe Fresh green tights, Indigo oxfords
Oh yeah.  I thought I had it all figured out ladies- a gentle mix of brown and white prints to allude to Marni print mixing and balance out the vibrant excess of green tights.  I've decided that geometric neutrals are one way to neutralize the brightness. Yep.  great outfit, totally balanced.

Then I put on my coat, grabbed my purse, and walked out the door.  Into the bright sunlight...wherein I realized the error of my ways.  When wearing a colour as susceptible to association as green, it's best to also think through your outerwear and purse.  Yes, I went to work dressed as an elf . Thank goodness it's a couple of weeks too soon to run into any Santas...

Anthropologie Oxidized Ruffle coat

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