Sunday, November 11, 2012

of indeterminate colour...

Anthropologie D'Armee dress in Khaki, J Crew ruffled henley in Dusty Clay, Joe Fresh Vindaloo tights, Aerosoles wedge oxfords, thrifted black and white belt, and a little stolen opportunity for late afternoon sunlight
 Okay, so we all have learned to love and appreciate the now-ubiquitous bright 'pop of colour'.  It's an essential hit of happy in the dark days of spring and fully apropos with the bright heat of summer.  But in the autumn, it's nice to let the muted and muddy earth tones have their day.  After all, there's already a riot of colour in the trees above.

I love those colours you can't quite place- from retailers they have obscure and descriptive names like 'dusty clay' and 'bronzed twig' (my favorite jackie colour ever...) and these tights are that indescribable shade of off-brown that my sister (another fan of the colour) charitably calls 'vindaloo.' I'm happiest in these colours actually- I may be constantly seduced by a bright kelly green, but I still don't know how to wear it.  Whereas any three-part combination of ochre, umber, vindaloo, rust, dusty clay or khaki is an instant winner.  Maybe a pop of contrasting colour doesn't hurt either...

What's your favourite under-appreciated muted colour? Do you have big seasonal shifts?  Or, like me, does your colour analysis just shift with the seasons as well, so that same 'mustard' skirt becomes a 'gold,' 'honey' or just plain 'yellow' as the season dictates?

Speaking of kelly green, I just bought a pair of green tights at Joe Fresh. What was I thinking? I mean, the last time I left the house in the Beda dress I was asked if it was already St. Patrick's day! Maybe it's just a personal challenge... so I promise, coming up this week- wearing green tights without looking like a beanstalk costume, wearing the Tulipa skirt with boots (for fun and fall satisfaction), and I hope to debut a couple of holy grail items that have come into my posession recently...(think cityscape...!)

model contemplating what she could possibly wear with bright green tights.  aka, the picture of angst.

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