Thursday, November 8, 2012

tulipa tales...

I usually try and restrain myself to just buying things on sale from Anthropologie, watching for a couple of months to see if my love wanes or is replaced by another.  At which point it usually gets a convenient markdown! But every so often something comes along that you just want to wear and enjoy while it is in season.  Such is the Tulipa skirt- a richly decorated piece just begging to be worn with fall colours and earthy tights and boots. I picked this up in September, and have had only a couple of chances to wear it since. I guess I missed the boot part, but it is most definitely now cold enough for boots, so there's tomorrow's challenge!

I'm perhaps not showing this piece off to its best- I really miss taking photos outdoors in natural light, and in both cases I think I came home and vegged out on the couch for awhile before taking a couple of snaps, so the skirt is a little wrinkled.  It's a substantial fabric with a good amount of stiffness/structure, and I love that the embroidery wraps around, without cutting off at the seam. Ah, I love a good statement skirt. Classic Anthropologie!

Tulipa skirt, Covet blouse, Gewoon felt necklace, purple Joe Fresh tights, Aerosoles edges
Anthropologie Colour Swatch scarf, Tulipa skirt, F21 sweater, Hue tights, Indigo heels

And hey, how about a couple of pretty pictures from the new store in town- I love the way they cleverly mix piles of sweaters and skirts in with decorative cups and things. sigh. So now I know what teacup will best accessorize with my new cardigan...

oops- among these is what is now my own sweater.  I love this piece!
ah, and among these is what is also now my own Jacquard Dot skirt!  Oops!

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