Saturday, November 10, 2012


huh. do you suppose there's some kind of internet etiquette that forbids 'liking' your own pins?  I'm one of those people who pins images online as they strike me, but then rarely remembers to go back and look at what I've wrought, or what others have pinned to inspire me.  Inevitably, I get these emails "so-and-so repinned your pin" and I get all excited about the image again.  As if I'd never seen it before.

One image I always forget about, but has been repinned a few times, is this fabulously simple and yet fun combination from Fendi's Fall 2011 show (oh Fendi Fall 2011, how I love thee...)

So I finally remembered to put inspiration pin into action, and voila!  I wish I'd had the presence of mind to find some appropriate mary-janes for the occasion.  I think that's a key element. And perhaps a little more 'world-weary ennui' in my expression...

Marc Jacobs sailor dress, Hue tights, Ash booties
And speaking of which, I have definitely been lax when it comes to pushing the oh-so-exciting shoes/tights paradigm this fall.  Time to get serious about it.  I mean, check out these bellissima and oh-so dynamic combinations from Fendi 2011:

I'm dying.  But then, the whole collection was full of inspirational colour and shapes...

Oh boy- the grey with umber, the sage and orange- I need to get me some more colourful ribbed tights immediately!  and maybe another pair of shoes... and an oversized coat...  Fendi 2011 forever!  (yes, I suppose I should look at their current line for inspiration someday too...)

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