Monday, November 5, 2012

Tippi zeitgeist, part II!

Wow- was Halloween last week already? I've wanted to do the Tippi Hedren 'Birds' costume since forever, but only got my act together this year.  I had tailored a sage green 80's suit years ago, but it wasn't working, so it was a dye job and a well-stocked dollar store that helped me get there this time. It's such an iconic image- the blonde 'do, that green suit (swoon), and the dark crow silhouettes.  There's even been a Hitchcock barbie (mine got lost in the mail...sadness) and now apparently there are two new films exploring the dark obsession of Hitchcock for his cool blonde leading ladies, incarnated by Sienna Miller and Scarlett Johansson

thrifted suit, and handbag, Anthropologie Au Contraire blouse, Chinese Laundry patent pumps, Dollarama crows
There's always a danger at Halloween- you must watch out for horrific monsters.  My dear manfriend's inner zombie couldn't resist the opportunity for a photobomb. 

However the settings are so lovely it's worth the horror and public shaming, with vibrant leaves offering a last brilliant dose of colour before winter sets in.  I've seen a couple of lone flakes already, people. Winter is Coming! (nerd fact: last fall I saw a sign outside my local health food store warning 'winter is coming' and I totally thought it was a Game of Thrones reference.  oops)

So even though the 'Birds' character is pretty well known, I did run into a number of people who didn't catch the reference.  I got a lot of "crazy bird lady?" comments.  So now I'm thinking maybe next year I should wear the exact same costume, just substituting the birds with kittens, and let my true colours show through...  Crazy cat lady FTW!

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