Monday, December 30, 2013

bear hugs (and other fuzzy animals)

The past few days have been spent in a lazy haze of sleeping, eating leftovers, reading and watching bits of movies.  Soon the cycle of work will begin again, so I'm trying to fully enjoy some cozy time at home. Our Christmas festivities are a marathon of hosting and house-hopping (and cleaning, baking, and knitting). I like to throw on this faux fur coat this time of year, when you just want to be enveloped in a hug at all times. (it's faux seal, or 'faux phoque' to be correct.  Yes, say it out loud!  The french word that juveniles of all ages enjoy repeating!)

Anthropologie Geo-stitched tank, Emanation cardigan and AG Stevies in Sulfur Faded Plum, Born Bitsy boots
These dark brown AG jeans came in as a last minute Christmas gift to myself! Thanks Sarah Santa! And well, this boxing day gear is really just my Christmas eve outfit revisited...because why have to think too much at this time of year! Itself inspired by an anthropologie styling...

Ellery top
So, along the way, Santa and family found some great books and gifts for me, including a little Anthropologie action:

Tonnere buttondown
Taryn crepe shift
Cabled garonne dress
I immediately wore the scarf print dress out to Christmas dinner! It's a great retro shape and forgiving a-line cut- perfect for mounds of turkey and mashed potatoes and pie!

And of course I went out and treated myself to a couple of boxing day sale items too (er, well, day after boxing day.  I think I slept through the 26th!) A couple of these awesome felted ornaments were just waiting for me:


And some more cozy layers, for a lover of knitted things and wine...

Ellesmere Tunic
Scalloped Flutter cardigan
Voila.  A couple of post christmas notes.  I wish you big fuzzy hugs, and a few more rounds of cookies.  My piggy cookies (inspired by Danibp) are sadly all gone.  I wonder if I could justify making another batch...

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