Tuesday, December 3, 2013

structured ruffles!

I always fall in love with those stupid shawl-collar frothy ruffled sweaters that Anthropologie delights in.  Except they look ridiculous on me, tiny head and all.  So when I saw this Ruffled Coda cardigan awhile back, with just a delicate hint of shawliness and subtle cropped ruffling at the waist I knew my day had come.  I haven't been disappointed- dresses, skirts and even (gasp) pants.  This thing goes with everything.

So unfortunately the outfit was pretty rumpled after a ten hour day, but it was very nice- colourful and elegant, and once again the sweater was the first thing that really worked with this sleeveles dress without resorting to the ol' boring buttoned cardigan look. Oh yeah, and the dress is rather spectacular too :)

Swallowtail sheath
I picked up this cardigan way back in September- things don't last long at my local Anthropologie store (it drives me nuts...) so I'm glad I didn't wait.  They were all gone a week or so later. Well, it finally  went on sale last week and I was happy to find one rusty red colour in the sale room! It may not demand attention, next to the aforementioned divinely ruffled wraps, but a worthy everyday piece!

Oh, but some of the aforementioned oversized delights...

Andover cardigan

Jacquard cocoon cardigan

Casado cardigan
Matinee cardigan

 And my personal favourite...I adore this look, but I just couldn't make it work! (Seriously, I have a tiny head...)

Rimbey cardigan

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