Tuesday, December 10, 2013


J Crew cardigan, Anthropologie Geo stitched tank and Tillie belt, vintage skirt, aerosole wedges, brown tights
As a frequent wearer of greens (and with a propensity for sparkles to boot), it's easy to accidentally fall into outfits that look a little too festive.  Y'all know St. Paddy's day is my nightmare! Fortunately earthier fall tones can help.  Red and green- never.  Orange and green?  Always divine.

Ancient Urban Outfitters silk blouse, vintage corduroy skirt, Indigo boots
Earth tones again- rust is my favourite red. I found this extremely heavy corduroy wrap skirt over the summer- it's hard to imagine being cold during a heat wave, but this is an amazing winter skirt! Especially when paired with soft silk ruffles.

Vintage polka dot blouse and fairisle sweater, J Crew sterling skirt, Indigo heels. and brown tights of course!
Uh, you win some, you lose some I guess.  This is way festive! I wore this a couple of weeks ago and ended up with a giant gingerbread latte in hand!  Besides, I love the tiny polka dots with fairisle, and the tomato red with wine (yummmm). This poor sweater has been shunted in an out of the winter storage for years and rarely gets worn.  I find pullovers too hot in general, but it's such a great vintage piece (and totally of the moment) so every year I duly stitch up one or two moth holes (have you ever noticed they prefer red dyes? tasty...) and trot it out again.

I sent out the required Christmas list to the family over the weekend.  Edited my usual rainbow-of-tights request to specify a preference for browns as you can see coming in handy above!! Oh, and my Christmas tree is up, so I'm happy to reunite with my favourite kitschy vintage ornaments! sweet!  Let's get this season started!

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