Friday, December 27, 2013


Merry Christmas!  After several days of non-stop errand-running, baking, cleaning and knitting and non-sleeping leading up to my family's marathon Christmas festivities, I am finally well-slept, overfed, and lying on the couch watching old 80's action movies as part of a 'seasons beatings' series on some random cable channel (I have acquired basic cable for the first time in my life!).  Back when I 'wore clothes', I had a Christmas party at work and I thought I should share a 'classic' green dress with you!

I missed catching the green Rodna dress at Anthro when it went on sale a couple of years ago, though I made do with the navy (seen here).  However when I got the chance to get one through the EA trade forum recently I was pretty pleased, and fortunately it came just in time for the party! The perfect occasion for a green dress (not that one needs any excuse...)


I paired it with this cute pale pink necklace from Forever 21 (I think a knockoff of a recent J Crew piece?), a feather clip and jewelled belt from anthro and an old rusty orange cardigan.  I was kinda sad at the end of the night when I thought I'd lost the brooch (and then I found it in my bodice..!).  I was never one for too many pastels, but I do love pale pink with dark greens!

Next time? What I wore for Christmas dinner (eve and day of).  Right now, Van Damme is about to kick butt in Blood Sport! (After a gratuitous butt shot earlier in the movie which the boyfriend very generously rewinded at my request...geez, new cable technologies are amazing!)

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