Sunday, July 31, 2011

30+ for 19 + ?

One of the things I love, but forget to play around with in everyday life, is the inspiration that comes from dressing with a reduced wardrobe.  This comes up while travelling, of course, and with the 30-for-30 challenges I haven't yet attempted.  Packing for vacation was super easy- both because my clothing palettes are pretty coordinated already, and because space was not limited in the car.  I love this yearly trip to the coast- I tend to dress more casually and playfully and I pick up a lot of fun new things to supplement my fall/winter wardrobe at the local thrift stores.  The only challenge in packing, really, is trying to anticipate my needs based on the weather (which sways from wet and frigid to sunny and fairly-warm-if-you're-lucky) and whatever new items I'll pick up.  Last year's highlights were my new platform clogs for $5, madras sundress and some more checked cowboy shirts- these are all back as part of the vacation wardrobe.

Dresses: I went fairly easy on these, as it's funner to mix and match tops and bottoms, so focused instead on things that needed more love.  I have a few Reed shirtdresses, but the simplicity of the navy means I forget about it. I am also ashamed to admit that the cute critters on the Southward Stop dress have never left the house so I mean to amend that this trip.  The last dress is my beach dress so doesn't really count- I think the smell of sunscreen is permanently embedded in the fibers! I also added in the Distant Chirping chemise, as I ended up wearing it while packing and thought it would be fun to have around.
Skirts: If the weather cooperates, I'll be living in these- the Amhara skirt, vintage floral maxi, Picked Plaid skirt, a basic navy UO mini, and a vintage black wrap skirt.  I felt like something was missing, and realized suddenly before we left that I was missing my staple Field Scout skirt, so that has been added to the mix!
 In case of an array of crappy cold weather (as has been the norm for the east coast this summer, we've got black cords (old navy), gap skinnies, wider-leg old fave diesel jeans, and some mavi cut-offs.
Shirts: Backporch blouse, J Crew gingham, Joe Fresh gingham and vintage checked cowboy shirts, Precious particulars blouse.  I removed the contrast collared shirt from Gap- I love it, but it's not as versatile.
Tees: a bunch of striped tanks and polka dot tees from Old Navy, a couple of striped tees from J Crew and BR, and a selection of solid-coloured tees.  I ended up removing the gorgeous green Gathered tank as I'm less likely to wear it here, alas.
sweaters:  I brought a few of my favourite Jackie cardigans, my staple long navy cardigan from Old Navy, and the orange linen tie-back from J Crew.  I have a few super warm sweaters I leave at the cottage for crazy cold nights anyway.  I love the Elkanah jacket from last fall (my love tempered slightly by Anthropologie's refusal to honour the second cut sale price that happened 3 days after I ordered it- one advantage to their no longer using a secondary site for selling to Canadians!) and it makes a great coverup with dresses and jeans.
an array of belts and scarves for mixing and matching pleasure
and best for last, two polka-dot bathing suits!  One vintagey from ebay, the other Old Navy.  Wish me many, many sunny beach days!  I'll need all your hopes and prayers (it's currently very overcast and only 20 degrees (70 fahrenheit).

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