Thursday, July 21, 2011

adventures in thrifting...

Manolo Blahnik flats, $2.99
I just love the potential for discovery when you walk into a thrift shop. uh, well, any kinda store really, but I particularly love to roam through a jumbled mix of items.  I lived on the east coast for a few years and the trip to Value Village meant a full-on excursion by ferry across the harbour- the anticipation would build until I literally wanted to run those last few steps. 

I had a lot of great finds there, but one of my favourite pieces is from my local Salvation Army store.  It's run-down and mostly iffy, but I seem to find the most suprising things there.  I once passed a shopping basket full of shoes being stocked and saw this lovely patent leather mustard peeking out.  They turned out to be a beautiful, virtually unworn, pair of Manolo Blahnik flats.  Unfortunately the previous owner must have stored them with elastic bands to hold them together, which did irreparable damage to the finish (leaving black streaks across the toes that had my shoe repairman shaking his head in dispair).  I absolutely love them, and I thought I should get a picture of the sole before the lovely price tag of $2.99 gets erased by more wear!

This dress is a vintage summer favourite, from Kensington Market in Toronto- I spotted those zebra print markings on a rack outside and zoomed in for the kill.  I can't resist a good monochromatic print, and I find old polyester weaves to be surprisingly comfortable in the summer heat.

Vintage Zebra print dress, thrifted Manolo Blahniks, Old Navy necklace
Today is a surprise Everybody Everywear edition about amazing thrift finds, suggested by the awesome and witty Jentine at My Edit.
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