Sunday, July 17, 2011

classic drapery...

Madame Grès au Musée Bourdelle

I haven't been following Garance Dore like I used to-something about the snazzy new blog page and paucity of improvised street style photography has turned me off a bit.  However she linked to a new exhibit on Madame Gres this week that is simply beautiful.  The designer's drapery column dresses have been displayed alongside classical sculpture in Paris and the soft fabrics alongside cold weathered stone are splendid- I wish I could go experience it.  A few more photographs can be seen here.  I plan on picking up the catalogue when I can- I did once linger over a small Assouline edition of her designs at the Strand bookstore but apparently I didn't actually bring it home with me.

Failing that, I recently added to my collection of 1 draped jersey dress by also picking up the Pezza dress (2 draped jersey dresses, bwa ha ha!!!) when it went on sale.  The draping may not be as dramatic as the speckled ink dress, but the fabric is weightier and the cut amazing.  It has definitely been a favourite dress this summer (particularly on days when, like Thursday, I wake up with 2 minutes to get out of the house because I didn't make sure the alarm was actually on...).  I have been wearing it with a variety of slim coloured belts, though my favourite may be with the texture and contrasting monochromatic weave in the earthy embrace belt that I bought at the same time.  The belting may be a bit of an accessorizing crutch actually, since the manfriend has pointed out that the drapery falls better over my hips if I leave it plain.  I'll attempt to wear it more, uh, nakedly next time.
Anthropologie Pezza dress and Earthy Embrace belt, shrubbery enveloped Aldo wedges
Isn`t the orange draping in the first image just glorious?  I have to hold out for something similar one day, although this number is looking awfully pretty to me right about now...imagine with a coppery or gold leather belt (okay, no belt- shoes maybe?)..sweet!
Anthropologie Whirligig dress

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