Tuesday, July 26, 2011

imitation is the...

I fell in love with the Amhara skirt at Anthropologie not just for it's airy demeanour and bright fun stripes- I also absolutely adored the catalogue styling, with a contrasting print top and soft blazer.  For most of the summer, I've been throwing it on as anticipated with a simple t-shirt (sometimes striped) or tank.  However I did intend on trying some more fun work-appropriate options, especially as I think this gorgeous skirt can easily work into a fall wardrobe of rusts and mustards and boots!
Anthropologie To-a-Tee blazer, Amhara skirt and Agadja belt, no-name polka dot blouse, Clarks wedges, unknown machine part marooned in my yard

Anthropologie February 2011 catalogue shot
This morning I discovered the the skirt feels a little more shapely and fitted with a belt.  I have a couple of these fabric belts (slipping off a little here) that I may try and work with more.
It's also such a simple, slip-on skirt that I hadn't taken the time to document what works or not.  Lately, Jess of Consume or Consumed has been displaying the beauty and simplicity of some classic summer looks, and challenged me to offer the Amhara it's due.  I thought I should take a cue from another versatile dresser and give a tank top a bit more visual interest with a patterned scarf.  Katie at Interrobangs Anonymous has a million and one ways to wear a scarf- I had two- so I thought I'd try draping it loosely, bandana style, and I like it!  Thanks for the inspirations ladies!

Amhara skirt, F21 rust tank, thrifted scarf, no-name sandals, my sister's deck

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