Monday, July 4, 2011

speckled stripes!

Anthropologie Speckled Ink dress, thrifted belt, bag and slip, Clarks sandals

I thought I should try and sate my cravings for any new striped jersey dresses by wearing an old striped jersey dress!  I picked up a second-hand Anthropologie Speckled Ink dress over the winter, once I realized that yes, I very much need to have her in my closet! I didn't have any jersey dresses at the time, and I loved both the asymmetrical grecian draping and sketchy stripes.  I was sad when I realized just how asymmetrical the hem is though- a dress that is shorter in the middle is flattering to no one, especially when one has, erm, a sizeable rump.  I've tried to stretch it out whenever I handwash it but this has only helped a little.  I've been looking for a nice slip to wear underneath that could mitigate the hem issue, as well as making it a little longer, and found just the right one last week.  It's an old navy blue nylon slip, with a transparent striped hem- the lines follow though those on the dress, and the transparency makes it seem less of an add-on.

This poor dress has been through some tough times- it arrived sodden and resealed in plastic by the postal system this winter (I found it through the EA board) and I fancy it smells of mildew still, even though I know it doesn't.  A good long steaming seems to have helped recently- it feels soft and luxurious, and the draping is really lovely.  Just no more asymmetrical hems, you hear that fashion world?  Or at least not symmetrically asymmetrical hems!

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