Monday, July 11, 2011


J Crew back-button tee, thrifted yellow pencil skirt and striped silk scarf, Aldo wedges
I usually try and ignore the little 'safe fashion' voices in my head, you know, the ones that aren't too sure you should match up certain patterns, or that tell you what skirt length is appropriate to your age and height (I'm not listening, Stacey and Clinton!) On the other hand, I too often hew to the advice of the voices that tell me to cut collars off things and that I should buy that cat-print muumuu just in case I need it for a gift someday) (I didn't buy it, but I still think about it...).  Anyway, for some reason, despite my abiding love of the colour, I have a hard time wearing bright yellows at any time but high summer, when they feel appropriate.  So today's scorching heat was just right to throw on a bright yellow linen-esque pencil skirt I picked up this spring. 

I like the odd way that the 'english saddle' colour of the stripes mix with the yellow, and I love the serendipity that dropped this red, maroon and cream silk scarf into my hands this morning for a sash!
Aldo wedges, available here in cognac or black, fit TTS
I've been looking for a perfect pair of wedges since the winter, but haven't found anything that fits my 'summer shoe' budget until these Aldo sandals went on sale.  I tried them on at the beginning of spring but thought they were a bit funny to walk in, but once they dropped to $35 on the website I thought I`d give them another shot.  The cognac leather straps are nice and soft and don`t feel cheap, and I pretty quickly got used to walking in them- they`re very comfortable now.  I really like the way they straddle the clog and wedge styles-the heel height is just right.

My thanks to jerk in my building who deposited a car engine in front of my studio door, and locked a ladder to the pretty fire escape stairs I usually use for these shots.  Grrr...  Strongly worded memo to be posted on my door tomorrow!  Hey, it`s a FIRE ESCAPE (er, and a convenient backdrop for my outfit photos...)

Today you`ll be seeing a lot of yellow, as Everybody Everywear launches it`s July collection, a bevy of dames in yaller.  Join us!
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