Wednesday, September 7, 2011

back to tweedy

J Crew Donegal Tweed blazer, Anthropologie Kindred Spirit dress, Gap oatmeal shirt, grey Campers

And just like that, the brief love affair with summer is over.  That's not to say that we won't still have some lovely, sunny, possibly even nigh-sweltering days in the next month or so, but it now officially feels wrong to wear a too-summery dress.  And the morning chill supports it!

I just couldn't be creative this morning, despite having a couple of plans while falling asleep last night/this morning (despite my lamest of efforts I can never seem to get to bed until  after 2 am- which is not ideal on days when I have to be in to work at 9 (or earlier, like this week).  But then, that's why we have old favourites!  This dress quickly ensconced itself as the most cuddly yet feminine of sweaterdresses, and I love the heathery non-contrast of the tweed blazer with the olive.  Um, yes, olive, which is apparently very difficult to capture in low-light conditions, even with whatever photoshop tweaking I throw at it! 

Blazers in autumn are just, well, the best.  I really hope I can somehow snag one J Crew's heather caramel schoolboy blazers on sale at some point this year!  Which also reminds me of a nice pair of tweed pants I haven't worn in 8 years...time for a repeat?

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