Friday, September 2, 2011

Pants! (aka a review and future OOTD)

I am so weak.  I have but a few weeks to wait (and toil) and save my $ so I can have a bang-up trip to NY at the end of September.  And yet...that "thanks for your irritable feedback, here's $25" giftcard I got from J Crew a week or so ago was just sitting there, waiting to be spent online, and then I got the September catalogue, with that lovely pair of redwood minnies looking much darker and lovelier and I couldn't wait any longer.  Screw it if they don't fit, I thought, I'll return 'em in NY!
vintage lace blouse via Etsy, J Crew redwood wool minnies, grey Chie Miharas
Well, they arrived today, and I think they work!  I really don't do pants much, as a cursory glance at this blog reveals (I posted jeans once maybe?)  I love the colour so much- it's a little richer than in the online shots, as the wool mix gives the fabric more depth- and the fit is pretty good too (I will likely want some super shapewear just for ease of mind, and it will help with the bit of itch factor as these are unlined).  For sizing, I figured no way was I a 0, but unlikely to be a 4, and the 2 indeed work well (I'll wear 'em around a bit to make sure they don't stretch out too much!).  I have the Minnies in the stretch twill in the same size and I think the fit is similar, if a bit looser at the waist. I folded the bottom hem under to make them more cropped, which also adds a bit more flattering flare. The downside is these are indeed itchy- I'm not usually bothered by such things, but I'm still on the fence a bit even so!

Now, for my actual outfit today, well, I was inspired by the association with floral wallpaper yesterday, so I pulled out this Forever 21 dress from last summer.  I think it was the first thing I ever bought there, and I love the print and fabric.  I was able to let out the hem about an inch and a half, which makes it quite a perfect length for this 5"3 3/4 gal.  Jess from What Jess Likes has it as well, and in fact the beautiful colours inspired her blog redesign.  She reminded me of this dress' existence earlier in the summer- I had completely forgotten about it (er, stuff can languish awhile in my closet, as you'll find out whenever I post yesterday's garb!)
Forever 21 floral sundress, Jackie cardigan in Hawthorn, thrifted belt, Clarks sandals
 Oh, uh, right, and I realized I've been subjecting y'all to the dullest background ever all this time, when all I had to do was put the camera on the opposite side of the room.  Oops!  My bad!  I'll try and improve the lighting and clarity through the next months...

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