Thursday, September 1, 2011

it's about bloomin' time!

I'm sorry for my absence ladies! Not only am I sorry to miss out on these conversations, but I'm also sorry because now I've got a backlog of things to share and how shall I ever catch up?  Let's see if there's some way to double up on those summer outfits I've been trying to cram...

While I've fallen in love with floral prints in the last few years- the bigger, the better, the wallpaperier the even better- I don't think I have ever had that many to wear.  I spent most of this past spring heavily desiring the floral delights of the En Plein Air dress from Eva Franco, eagerly snapping it up when it went on sale at Anthropologie, and then being bitterly disappointed in the synthetic fabric and lining when it arrived.  I still think the print and colours are amazing, so I'm working my way back to loving it again when I 'rediscover' it in my closet someday soon. One of the awesome posts I missed commenting on recently was JG's gorgeous and stunning evocation of this dress ("Hey, JG, you looked gorgeous and stunning in this dress, and inspired me to give it another try!").  Well, not just yet, but I'm working on the florals!
Anthropologie Snow Covered Fields dress, vintage Vera scarf, J Crew cardigan, Joe Fresh flats

Last year, I fell for the We Love Vera line at Anthropologie, both for its revival of vintage Vera Neumann prints and a succession of lovely dresses.  The striking overgrown-garden print of the Snow Covered Fields dress gets me every time- its bright pinks, oranges and greens, as well as the adorable lace details and cut-out back.  I even have a vintage silk Vera scarf that almost matches.

J Crew Blythe blouse, silk sash, Banana Republic skirt
I am so in love with silk right now- silk blouses, silk dresses...just can't get enough of it.  It's so beautiful with wool in the fall and winter, and so delightfully crumpled and elegant in the summer (I just like it, okay?!).  I picked up J Crew's Blythe blouse in olive earlier in the summer and absolutely adore the cut and fit (so much so that I just, um, bought the slate colour as much for sticking to my wishlists!).  This silk skirt was a $5 ebay whim a couple of years ago- the colours are incredible.  I think it's supposed to be more of a pencil skirt, but the larger size fits like a nice a-line.  The orange sash (silk, of course) bridges the colours and adds an easier transition at the waistline.  

I just can't get enough of orange/green combinations it seems- and judging by the colour schemes flourishing this fall, I'll be wearing them together for awhile yet!  I definitely intend on making florals an autumn game as well!

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