Sunday, September 18, 2011

colour warning!

J Crew pumpkin tie-back sweater, thrifted pencil skirt and leather jacket, leather corset belt (I'm in love!), Clarks sandals

Folks, a quick glance at my current closet tells me that once again you're in for more colour monotony from me this fall. Avert your eyes if necessary, though I fear you'll be seeing a lot of this colour everywhere! Last year it was the mustards and ochres I couldn't get enough of, now I seem to have deepened my palette of orange: from rusts to pumpkin to bright...well, orange orange!  That's fine by me, since these colour obsessions are pretty cyclical and it's rare to actually turn around and dislike a once-loved colour.  And don't worry, those greens and olives are never going away, and they go quite nicely with orange tones- you'll still see some green dresses!

It still hasn't dropped low enough for me to consider tights, so currently we're in that odd phase where sandals and leather jackets meet up- I still have never attempted the socks and heels look, much as I've found it cute for years now.  Maybe I'll try it soon for fun...

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