Saturday, September 10, 2011


thrifted red and white polka-dot skirt, Joe Fresh blush silk blouse, UO belt, Aldo heels

One of the most surprising trends for me this fall is the floaty midi skirt- we're used to plaids and wools coming out in glorious autumnal tones, and the midi skirt has been establishing itself as a classy yet fun skirt length since at least last fall (eep, with heels, always!).  But suddenly there's this alluringly out-of-tune array of gauzy chiffon and silky swirls.  After initial scepticism, me likee!

I always depend on my summer vacation in the maritime provinces to supply me with some interesting new thrifted wardrobe pieces, and I think this year was a good one!  Despite my initial dismay at the Value Village becoming a depressing used Old Navy/Joe Fresh depository, I found some pretty vintage pieces I'll feature in the next weeks.  One of them was a red polka-dot chiffon skirt.  This is definitely an out-there style for me- the airy softness paired with a blush blouse is definitely not my usual structured comfort zone, and certainly not my earthy/acidic palette, but it fits with the aesthetic of secretary silks and full skirts that have infiltrated the wardrobe!

What is the world coming too- I'm considering pants, and pink, and girly chiffon-what things are pulling you out of your style zone this fall?

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