Saturday, September 24, 2011

a study in contrasts and texture...

So for all my swooning over the rich colours this fall, I ended up wearing monochromatic neutrals a couple of times this week.  I love the contrast of black and white- it's an excellent foil to bright colours, but also of course totally classic on its own.  And in the process, I was more aware of the contrast of materials and play of texture. The other day I wore Anthropologie's Straight and Narrow skirt, a new love with adorable horizontal stripes and high waist (although I realized when I first tried it on that the name straight and narrow was not intended to describe the skirt itself, but rather the ideal shape of the wearer.  ahem.  This is only wearable when I'm on my best 'behaviour'...) with another favourite, a soft brown/grey sweater from deluxe local brand Covet. The skirt is a sleek cotton, while the sweater is a super-soft blend of wool and silk.
Anthropologie Straight and Narrow skirt, Covet sweater, Indigo Water Row boots

Getting some more wear out of the etsy-lace-blouse addiction,  I liked the combination of textures with the lace, velvet and suede (oh, and sparkly buttons)- it's a simple combination but
felt really luxurious, and I feel like the boots help take it out of the 'evening dress-up' territory

Vintage lace blouse, thrifted velvet skirt. Indigo boots

My favourite thing about fall is the range of light jackets and blazers that make outerwear pretty darn fun.
Anthropologie Elkanah jacket, UO 'Rorschach test' silk scarf
I also love fine silk scarves that are so wispy they barely lie still, fluttering with the slightest movement...and the contrast with utilitarian army green.
or maybe it's the texture of delicate lace against soft suede...

I am so totally in love with the emphasis on textures and fabrics this year- what do you prefer, silk or chunky knit?  Structured wool or nubby tweed?  or all of the above...!

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