Friday, January 6, 2012

and now for something a little different...

FCUK grey coat with thrifted fur collar, Fly Saba pump
 Lately I've been wearing a lovely detachable raccoon-y fur collar I picked up over the holidays for a mere $1.99.  It fits over a few winter coats, adding a new degree of sophistication to my cold weather garb. That's right- no longer must I pick up hissing stray cats in the middle of the day to get my fur fetish on!  I'm wearing it!

I guess I've been a long time synesthesiaddict- I have a vivid childhood memory of getting lost in the mall after slipping inside a rack of luxurious fur coats, oblivious to my mother and sister's eventual search (to be sure, they did totally leave the store without noticing my absence!).  It turned into an even more awesome experience when the security guard took me to an office where they had an entire drawer FULL of BALLOONS and he gave me a whole HANDFUL!  In so many COLOURS!  My subsequent attempts to get purposefully lost in such child-friendly spaces were stymied however by a now vigilant mom.  I also remember standing behind a large fur-clad woman in an elevator, stroking her coat (er...behind!) as subtly as a 4 year-old isn't!  I almost got left behind there as well...
Anthropologie D'Armee dress, navy tights, brass baubles and belt
heh.  so today was nothing special- I wore this ol' favourite green dress (sigh), and was happy with the brass accents as my accessories (I have been far too dependent on big layered scarves lately!) However, I also forgot to remove the fur collar when I first got home and then caught a glimpse in the mirror.  huh.

Crazy cat lady, contemplating a Dalmatian fur coat?

Can this look be done?  It's totally too much, but are we in an ironic enough moment that such affectations can fly in real life? Or am I just a cat lady gone too far?  Anthropologie has styled it recently, with this "Faux Fur Necker" (and incidentally, how cute are those sequined clogs. oh god- what's happening to me!).  What say you?  Has the daytime sequin parade opened the door to wearing fur indoors?
Yummy textures- knits and furs and sequins and wood!
Fendi dress- horrendous I say!
Anthropologie Filoplume cardigan.  Want!! (ridiculous, and yes it's feathered not furred but...)

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