Sunday, January 22, 2012

a ?????? of a different colour...

I'm in a rut, folks.  I just can't seem to avoid falling for the same colour combinations over and over, and when I look at my pretty layers of mustard to ochre-toned cardigans (interspersed with rust to orange) I can't help wondering if there is anything else out there!  Do other colours exist, because I might be blind to them!! I've been trying to inject cooler tones, like more green, but inevitably fall back on the ol' olive and orange.

Green and "Green" and Black
Anthropologie Clover Grains tee, J Crew Viridian pencil skirt, Zara black cardigan, Chie Mihara Ramsita in black

Olive and Orange and Rust (with a touch of pink) (and crazy lighting)
Thrifted orange silk blouse and tan knit skirt, J Crew cardigan, vintage Vera silk scarf, Anthropologie Fanfare platforms

 The Layers

I do seem to be catching on to something though- for the past few months I've been obsessed with finding the perfect vintage paisley dress, in tones of blue and purple (which incidentally will go well with those ochre-y cardigans!)   I popped into Forever 21 this week, to use a return credit and to check out the quality of some cute pointelle pieces I've seen online.  This bright royal blue cropped cardigan is perfect to ingest some new vivid tones into the mix!  The fabric is akin to the acrylic pieces of the 60s and 70s it evokes, and I think the cropped length is something I've been missing with my vintage dresses.  Also available in a classic creamy white and tomato red. I can't find it on online at the moment, but there are some wonderful ones here that I am waiting to pop up on the Canadian site.

Forever 21 cardigan
Forever 21 Pointelle cardigan

Now, I'm not sure where this colour fascination is coming from- the fashion magazines are full of luminous pale pastels right now, but I wager some of the rich purple hues and paisley glamour may be inspired by this recent J Crew print.
I almost caved on this but read a review that it's stretch sateen and that is one fabric I just can't do!

Or perhaps it is the influence of everyone's favorite dowager countess, in her elegant purple victorian may have already seen this...

I cannot express how much I love Maggie Smith.  I was disappointed by the ridiculous plotting and time frame of the second season, but I think I'm coming around to it as a soapy extravagance, and have started watching the first season again.  The costumes are incredible and so many of the characters/actors are perfectly invoked.

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