Tuesday, January 17, 2012

crystal 'n candy!

I have been rather remiss in my thank-yous lately.  I was fortunate over the past couple of months to not only win some pretty things, but also to receive very kind shout-outs from some of my favorite...er...liebster blogs!  Way back in October, Molly of Anthromollogies offered the chance to win a beautiful pair of crystal earrings from Athena's Etsy shop, Victory Jewelry.  I was thrilled to find out I won, since I never win nothin', but then realized that since I don't wear earrings I wouldn't be able to display them!  Well, I fell in love with an ethereal and chunky candy quartz necklace and Athena let me substitute the difference.  She has such a wonderful sense of materials and scale, and my thanks to both of you for this gorgeous piece!

 I love how well the colours play with this t-shirt, adding more oomph to a simple striped tee. Right now I'm starting to transition out of fall palettes, and I love the idea of wearing pastel and spring tones in the middle of deepest winter.  As a bonus, the rocks actually warm to my body temperature and are really comfortable.
Anthropologie striped tee, J Crew cardigan, thrifted green wool skirt, leather corset belt, aqua Chie Mihara shoes
I've been quietly humming the Burl Ives song about the rock candy mountain in my head, so here are a few inspiration pictures I've gathered thanks to Google!

Judith Simonian, Rock Candy Mountain
Judith Simonian, Rock Candy Mountain
Tatiana Berg, Big Rock Candy Mountain
Photo of mineral deposits in Death Valley
Abandoned Disney Rock Candy Mountain project
mountain-of-a-cat photobomb

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